../all that jazz

First approach to the world of music, specifically to the intense and complex scope of jazz.


Approaching music from painting, despite presenting numerous similarities, poses not a few difficulties that multiply when trying to evoke the cliche that make up the tortuous myth of this musical style: the night, the rogue universe of the jazz clubs, smoke , alcohol and even drugs. But I ended up discarding the use of all these concepts, firstly because it strayed me too far from my usual work and secondly because it gave me the feeling of a somewhat beaten path.

Finally, I decided to approach jazz through other of its features, the one that best identifies it, the music itself, the intensity of its furious rhythms and unpredictable melodies, the apparent freshness of its performances and the vibrant dialogues between its instrumentalists, the riffs against the licks or of course their passionate solos. .

The expressive use of color, the electric and impatient scratched graphics and the evocative figures, elements that appear frequently in my work, served as a vehicle to make walk jazz and painting together, I hope the trip is worth it.