../a madman's diary

The Chinese writer Lu Hsun wrote this shocking homonymous story based on another by Nikolai Gogol and that narrates the journey to hell of his protagonist's madness.

The protagonist begins to feel the bite of paranoia on a beautiful full moon night in the eyes of his neighbor's dog and through various stages describes the terror of living in a mirage where everything is hostile to him.

I kept this project on the agenda for a long time until I found a suitable place to expose it, the space was essential and it was finally able to come out thanks to the collaboration of the Toledo Art Circle and in the imposing setting of the church of San Vicente, former seat of the spanish Inquisition.

I approached this journey towars the end of madness redirecting my usual way of working through characters that I thought threatening, watchful, with acid colors and nervous and obsessive graphics on large canvases and assemblies


There, the large format canvases over two meters could be exhibited with a powerful and intimidating presence accompanied by a hypnotic soundtrack composed ad hoc by Ernest Perera.