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The game is the gaze. Anonymous, ambushed, lascivious, but mostly casual, the witness in the shadow of first-time tenderness, of children's games, of meticulous and obscene surveys of potty training, of promising necklines (when will the summer come!).


The game of the observer-observed, convergent and divergent trajectories, lost steps, yours too and suddenly you are part of the choreography. Thousands of little circumstantial brothers, at that moment, carried there by the agenda and chance, we are the watchers of the essential secret.


If we are what we learn, it is not daring to suppose that all those irrelevant and daily scenes of which we are only half-involuntary spectators, will form part of our collective imagination and perhaps mark our personality, perhaps only as the mark that a drop leaves when falling in the water, but we cannot avoid being the people behind the eyes that look at you.


Benjamín Torcal Torres


2020 INTO THE GROOVE. Espai30. Barcelona. Spain

2019 ALL THAT JAZZ. Galería Rasmus. Odense. (withL.Iniesta)

2018  Gallery Rasmus. Odense. Dinamarca. (withJoan Artigas)

2017 A MADMAN'S DIARY. Círculo de Arte. Toledo. Spain.

         Centro Cultural San Benito. Calatayud. Spain.

         Gallery Rasmus. Copenhague. Denmark (with J.Artigas & A. Brérot)

2016 Gallery Rasmus. Copenhague. Denmark .

2015 Gallery Rasmus. Odense. Denmark .

2014 Gallery Anquin's. Reus. Spain.

         Gallery Joan Planellas. Tossa de Mar. Spain.

         Espai jml-realizamos. Barcelona. Spain.

2013 Gallery Rasmus. Copenhague. Denmark .

         Gallery Ar+51. ToledoSpain.

2012 Gallery Rasmus. Odense. Denmark .

         Det gamle Havnekontor. Haderslev. Denmark .

         Gallery Munken. Løkken. Denmark

         Gallery L’Ecusson. Monpellier. France.

2011 Tobaksgaarden. Assens. Denmark .

         Gallery Rasmus. Copenhague. Denmark .

2010 TEMPUS FUGIT. Gallery Carme Espinet. Barcelona. Spain.

         Gallery Rasmus. Skagen. Denmark .

2009 IN VINO VERITAS. B.Piedemonte. Olite. Spain.

         Gallery Rasmus. Copenhague. Denmark .

2008 Gallery Rasmus. Kolding. Denmark .

         Gallery Rasmus. Odense. Denmark .

2007 Gallery Carme Espinet. Barcelona. Spain.

         Gallery Rasmus. Copenhague. Denmark .

         Gallery Botó de Roda. Torroella de Mongrí. Spain.

2006 Gallery Rasmus. Kolding. Denmark .

         Gallery Rasmus. Odense. Denmark .

2005 LIQUIDARTE. Gallery Carme Espinet. Barcelona. Spain.

         Gallery Botó de Roda. Torroella de Montgrí. Spain.

         Gallery Rasmus. Copenhague. Denmark .

2004 Gallery Antoni Pinyol. Reus. Spain.

2003 Gallery Susany. Vic. Spain.

2002 Gallery Carme Espinet. Barcelona. Spain.

2001 Gallery Botó de Roda. Torroella de Montgrí. Spain.

2000 Gallery Susany. Vic. Spain.

         Gallery Arbre de Lune. Uzès. France.

         Gallery Arbre de Lune. Marsella. France.

solo exhibitions


photo author: Emilio Abarca